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Since 2011, we have saved 268
restaurants over $4,900,000 per year.

Foodservice Advantage can help you…

Think of us as your own purchasing department.

Prior to 2010, Foodservice Advantage founder Mike Wiedower was COO of Sysco in Cincinnati, OH and CEO of Performance Food Group in Rock Island, IL. Our team also has experience starting, growing and operating restaurants. We know this industry inside and out and we know how to uncover the significant hidden costs that translate into savings for your food operation.

What our background means for you.

We provide a turnkey solution to all food cost related services in your operation. Our thorough understanding of distributor P&Ls gives us in‐depth knowledge of distributor and manufacturer relationships and their contracts. We can work on item-specific deals on your largest volume products, Coke/Pepsi, chemicals and produce. We are also familiar with hundreds of private brands and able to compare and contrast their differences.

Risk free.

There are no upfront costs and our compensation is based on performance. If you don’t benefit from working with us, you pay us nothing. We work with all national, regional and local distributors and manufacturers so you're not required to alter your current supply chain.

Tom Cunningham
“We saw significant savings that basically dropped right to the bottom line.”
— Tom Cunningham, Partner of Cunningham Restaurant Group (17 locations)

Gary Huether, Jr
“I learned a lot of the secrets the big chains use and it helped me put over $400,000 back to our bottom line.”
— Gary Huether, Jr., Founder of Arooga's (12 locations)

Larry Hesler
“Foodservice Advantage can talk the distributors’ language and it’s a language we didn’t know.”
— Larry Hesler, Director of City Barbeque (26 locations)

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