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We currently represent over $150 million in annual purchases. On average, we've decreased our clients' cost of goods by around 5% per restaurant.

About us

Prior to starting Foodservice Advantage, Mike Wiedower worked in foodservice distribution for 26 years. He was COO of Sysco in Cincinnati, Ohio and CEO of Performance Food Group in Rock Island, Illinois. The goal of Foodservice Advantage is to bring his knowledge of distributors and manufacturers to restaurant owners. Many restaurant owners aren’t as profitable as they could be simply because they don’t purchase from distributors and manufacturers in an optimal way.

Your own purchasing department

Our clients are small and mid-sized restaurant chains, anywhere from five units up to 100+. We’ve found that many restaurant groups of this size have more purchasing power than they realize. We help you realize that purchasing power by working with your distributors and manufacturers to get the best pricing possible.

Importantly, we work with all distributors and manufacturers. We are not a group purchasing organization that forces you into specific relationships. Your current supply chain can stay exactly as it is if that is preferred.

In addition, we own a warehouse in Cincinnati specifically to help restaurants save money on their fastest moving non-food products. Distributors have limited warehouse space and are incentivized on turning inventory over as fast as possible. Because of this, distributors typically purchase 2-4 weeks’ worth of inventory per order. The problem is that ordering fewer cases at a time results in higher prices because that is less efficient for the manufacturer.

Our warehouse operates on the opposite business model. We purchase your key non-food products in large quantities (i.e. full truckloads at a time), store them in our warehouse, and handle all outbound logistics to your normal distributors. This creates significant savings by buying in bulk, less pricing fluctuations because we order from manufacturers less often, more leverage with manufacturers, and lower freight costs.

Risk free

To work with us, there are no upfront costs and our compensation is based on performance. If you don’t benefit from working with us, you pay us nothing. We currently represent over $150 million in annual purchases. On average, we’ve decreased our clients’ cost of goods by around 5% per restaurant. If you’d like to learn more, please call us at (513) 655-6568.

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